The Teacher

Madam Madhumati
Madam Madhumati
Madam Madhumati, the teacher (Guru) under whose personal training you will learn everything, is a renowned Actress and Dancer of Hindi Films of the yore years.

She has worked in over Eleven Hundred (1100) films in 24 Years. In her entire career, she worked with stalwarts of the film Industry and the greatest stars of her times like, Shammi kapoor, Dharmendra, Raj Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Pran, Balraj Sahney etc. She is a contemporary of Helen, but this nimble footed dancer created a unique place for herself, not just because of her dance but also because of her potential as an actress. She personally looked in the nuances of each step in her dance, and each gesture in her Bhava that she expressed on screen. The great Showman, Raj Kapoor held her in high esteem and Nargis Dutt held Madhumati close to her heart. She carries around her an aura of amicability and hardwork.

She is unexpectedly humble for the wealth of experience she holds and one might just mistake her for a woman next door. But her Helen-like looks stick on to your eyes, until you flicker your lashes once again to greet the famous actress of the yesteryears. Madhumati, who was most in news when her dance sequence from the film Talaash (Tere naina talaash karen) was especially extracted to be screened at the International Film Festival and has a special place in the world archives to date.

The much sought after actress and dancer from 1960s to 1980s has the credit of training the now-refined artistes like Akshay Kumar and Tabu.

A good teacher must have working experience, which Madam has in abundance. She is a stalwart of the film industry. Her standing in the industry is because of her long spanning career. She holds high esteem and admiration in the eyes of top most Film and T.V. Programme Makers and this helps the students in the long run.”